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The Bruery Mocha Wednesday makes a reappearance

The Bruery Mocha Wednesday

The Bruery Mocha Wednesday was released this week to Reserve Society members.

The Bruery Mocha Wednesday is a massive imperial stout, featuring coffee and TCHO chocolate. Aged in bourbon barrels.

There is a two bottle limit for members for Mocha. (In addition to the two already allocated.) On sale now through 1/23/14. $33.99 per bottle.

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ Coffee, Chocolate. Barrel Aged. Bourbon.)
Availability: 750ml bottles. Bruery Reserve Society only.
Return: January, 2015

18.6% ABV

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The Bruery Sourrento Now Available to Members

The Bruery Sourrento

The Bruery is now offering Sourrento, a sour ale inspired by the spirit Limoncello, to their Reserve and Preservation Society members.

Sourrento is a sour ale that was inspired by the lemon flavored spirt, Limoncello,which hails from the city of Sorrento, Italy. To create this unique, sweetly sour flavor, we aged our sour blonde ale with both lemon zest and fresh vanilla beans. The resulting beer is somewhere between a classic sour ale, a delightful Italian apertif, and a lemon meringue pie.

The Bruery Sourrento is available in 750ml bottles, for $16.99.

Style: Sour/Wild Ale (w/ Lemon Zest, Vanilla Beans. Oak Aged)
Availability: 750ml bottles
Arrival: December, 2014

7.7% ABV

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The Bruery So Happens It’s Tuesday Will Not Be Released

The Bruery (Placentia, CA) has an unforgettable imperial stout, Black Tuesday. This barrel aged beast in aged in bourbon, and clocks in around 18% ABV.  Black Tuesday big and bold, and sneaks up on you. Enter So Happens It’s Tuesday, a less “intense” edition of Black Tuesday. This edition is brewed in the spirit of Black Tuesday, but finishes at just 11.3%.

In 1929, America was devastated by a great stock market crash that led to The Great Depression. Our infamous Black Tuesday stout is named in honor of the largest trading day of that crash, which led to some very dark times for our country. “So Happens it’s Tuesday” is a slightly less intense incarnation of Black Tuesday, reminding us that there is always some good to be found within the bad. Things happen, life goes on, and this beer can be enjoyed in all of those moments.

The Bruery So Happens It’s Tuesday is in 750ml bottles, just like the rest of the brewery’s lineup. Available to The Reserve Society this December.

Style: Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged. Bourbon)
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Arrival: December, 2014

11.3% ABV

Update: 12/8. The Bruery has updated its members that the final beer does not meet their standards and will not be released.

As for So Happens It’s Tuesday, which was to be included with your membership, we unfortunately have to announce that it isn’t holding up to our standards.  We do enjoy this beer a lot and will make complimentary samples available for a short while at our Tasting Room beginning soon, but we don’t feel comfortable sending these out as initially intended.  We will automatically refund your credit card on file with the full value of this beer ($20+tax) before the end of December.  We apologize for this inconvenience.


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One Shade of The Bruery’s Grey Monday

A cousin? Sister? Hot neighbor to the infamous Black Tuesday– this is The Bruery’s Grey Monday. It is closing in on a year ago that Beer Street Journal mentioned that this Black Tuesday variant was going to be released. No implying here. Grey Monday is the brewery’s massive imperial stout aged in bourbon (Black Tuesday), with a hazelnut addition. Every member in the 2012 Reserve Society received one last year…

We are going to do an extremely limited bottling of this beer, just for you. Each member will get a single bottle. There will be no extra beer for sale. Not to you and not to anyone else. We want this one to be extra special.

Grey Monday is a part of the Reserve Society again this year too. By all estimates this will be the 3rd brew of what sounds like an insanely good imperial stout. (1: Dinner at Beachwood BBQ, 2: 2012 bottles). Good luck getting your handles on a taste or even a bottle.

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ hazelnut, Barrel Aged. Bourbon)
Availability: 750 ml Bottles. Bruery Reserve Society Only.
Arrival: TBA (2013)

18.6% ABV


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The Bruery’s Black Tuesday On Sale Online October 30, 2012

The Bruery will put Black Tuesday on sale online on Tuesday, 10/30/12.

The Bruery’s Black Tuesday is bourbon barrel aged imperial stout, ranked among the best in the world.  Someone can pick up your bottles for you (The Bruery DOESN’T ship).

More info will be available at closer to the release. Last year in sold out in 60 minutes.

Style: Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged)
Availability: 750 ml bottles, waxed capped. Limited

19.2% ABV 

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Bruery’s Rue on Hoarders: “We Want to Cater To Most Loyal”

Patrick Rue, Founder of The Bruery (Placentia, CA) responds to the beer community after the announcement of a “Hoarders Society” surfaced. The society is an even more exclusive version of the Reserve Society, at a price tag of nearly $700 dollars. Judging by a lot of the comments on, not everyone was thrilled. Here’s the thoughts from the man himself. Feel free to sound off too.

Hi All—

Interesting read, good to read all of the opinions on the Hoarders Society. I appreciate all of the feedback.

I’ve been wanting to create several levels of “Society” memberships for awhile now as we have a wide range of customers with varying expectations— those who have extensive beer collections and trade frequently, others who want a a wide variety in smaller quantities of what we have to offer, and customers that fall somewhere in the middle. I’d love to be able to deliver a great experience to a wide range of beer enthusiasts, and I don’t think the best way to do that is exclusively through the Reserve Society. There are certainly all three types of customers in Reserve Society now, and I know we can do better to serve the particular desires of a wide range of customers.

We could not figure out a good way to do this with the available “off the shelf” eCommerce solutions out there, and up to this point having a customized solution that takes a web development company several months to develop and continual maintenance and improvements is outside of our reach financially as a small, growing company. Up to now, we’ve been investing in our capacity, improving our production processes, implementing and improving our retail efforts, and in our staff at the brewery, Tasting Room & Provisions (now totaling close to 60 employees). Improving business systems and processes has been “higher hanging fruit”, but at this point it is very important in the process of becoming the brewery we want to be. We finally have the resources to invest in this, so have so we’ve enlisted a local OC eCommerce development company to put together a solution that makes this possible. I’m very excited about this. We are tailoring the site and the backend processes to make a much more pleasant experience for our members and allow us to do a better job at serving our members. Even Black Tuesday next year (and perhaps this year, if we can get it going in time) will run much smoother with greater server reliability and hopefully we’ll avoid all of the issues in past years. This is a sizable investment, but I know it’s what we need to do.

The Hoarders Society is a way to recognize and cater to our most loyal Reserve Society members, and allows us to brew and sell beers that we wouldn’t otherwise be feasible to make by taking manageable risks with some very expensive ingredients / processes. The 5 exclusive releases included with the membership are very expensive to brew (especially two of them in particular), and at this point we’d have to take big gambles to create enough for the entire Reserve Society. The price we’d have to offer these beers would be well beyond our current top pricing, and frankly I’m not comfortable releasing beers that exceed our current price range. By securing an up front commitment and an established price for these beers, this is the best way to be able to make these beers make sense financially for us and hopefully make sense for many of those invited to join the Hoarders Society. Once we reach our target goal for Hoarders Society, we will not be growing it or adding a membership above and beyond it. Reserve Society is very near to the memberships we’d like as well— we intend to grow it at a much slower pace than we have in the past.


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Is The Bruery Launching A Super Secret, Super Exclusive, Hoarders Society?

This was just submitted to BSJ. A letter (seemingly sent out early) about an even MORE special society by The Bruery called the Hoarders Society. We’re still checking the validity, but seems legit. A select few members (we think?) are being offered Hoarders Memberships, at the cost of $695 dollars. There are special “hoarders” beers, alongside the ability to purchase 2x the amount of Reserve Society allocated brews. Below is the purported email:

Dear Bruery Supporter,

You’ve been chosen to be an inaugural Hoarders Societymember due to your prized status as one of our top customers.We have been having a great time developing new and interesting beers for the Hoarders Society, and we look forward to you trying them as we get to know you better at the exclusive events that we’ll be having for you next year.

The Hoarders Society will be a much smaller membership base than the Reserve Society for next year and for the foreseeable future. Opportunities to join in the future will be very limited and will be by invite only. Members of the Hoarders Society receive all of the benefits of the Reserve Society, plus more.

If you wish to accept this invitation to join the Hoarders Society, please do so by purchasing your membership through this page by Sunday, September 23, 2012. Only purchase one membership, please. Duplicate membership orders will be cancelled and refunded.

Cost: $695

Membership begins on January 1, 2013 and ends December 31, 2013.

Membership includes the following bottles, exclusive to Hoarders (many of these beers are not yet named, our apologies): — 2 bottles Portola Coffee / Strong Ale Blend (1st Quarter release) — 2 bottles Peach Sour Blend (2nd Quarter release) — 2 bottles Fess Parker Riesling / Sour Collaborative Blend (3rd Quarter release) — 2 bottles Fess Parker / Saarloos & Sons Late Harvest Syrah / Black Tuesday Collaborative Blend (4th Quarter release) — 2 bottles Bois (5th anniversary) aged in new French oak barrels (4th Quarter release)

Membership also includes the following bottles, available after their release date (except for initial package offerings): — 1 bottle of Melange #3 (Initial Package, January pickup) — 1 bottle of White Chocolate (Initial Package, January pickup) — 1 bottle of Otiose (Initial Package, January pickup) — 2 bottles of Chocolate Rain (Available in March) — 4 bottles of Black Tuesday (Available in late October) — 1 bottle Barrel Aged 5 Golden Rings (Available in December) — 1 bottle of Mystery Beer #1 (Mystery Release Date) — 1 bottle of Mystery Beer #2 (Mystery Release Date) — 1 piece of high quality merchandise

Other Perks: — Ability to purchase at least double the amount of allocations compared to Reserve Society members — 20% off: Allocations, other purchases through The Bruery website, purchases at the Tasting Room, and when purchasing Bruery beer at The Bruery Provisions (compared to 15% for Reserve Society members) — Access to special growler fills, special flights, access to Reserve Society events — Access to Hoarders Society events — First right of refusal to join 2014 Hoarders Society — Shipping within California (will apply to Reserve Society as well)

Anticipated Releases for 2013: *Society Member Exclusive = Hoarders & Reserve Societies

— Sour in the Rye — Chocolate Rain (Society member exclusive) — White Oak — Sans Pagaie — Bois — Bois Aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels (Society member exclusive) — Bois Aged in Brandy Barrels (Society member exclusive) — Bois Aged in new American Oak Barrels #4 Toast (Society member exclusive) — Kumquat Sour In The Rye (Society member exclusive) — Barrel Aged English Barleywine with Portola Coffee (Society member exclusive, not yet named) — Blueberry Sour (Society member exclusive, not yet named) — Mystery Beer #1 — Mystery Beer #2 — Tart of Darkness — White Chocolate — Barrel Aged Apricot Strong Ale (Society member exclusive, not yet named) — Bourbon Barrel Aged Smoking Wood — Cherry Oude Tart (Society member exclusive) — Oude Tart — Black Tuesday — Grey Monday (Society member exclusive) — Melange #1 — Bourbon Barrel Aged Autumn Maple — Melange #3 — Rueuze — Barrel Aged 5 Golden Rings (Society member exclusive) — Smoking Wood – Rye — Approximately 8 very exciting Provisions Series releases

Barrel aged beers tell us when they are ready, so keep in mind any stated release dates are estimates only.

Shipping within California will be offered for the beers included in the membership, however we will handle the additional cost of shipping at a later date.

You must be 21 years or older to be in the Hoarders Society. All pick-up purchases take place in Placentia, California, thus CA (Placentia area) sales tax will be applied to all orders at a rate of 7.75%. All shipping orders will be taxed at the shipping address rate.

Please note that we will not be able to ship outside of California. If you are outside of California, please designate a trustee who is over 21 years of age to pick-up or receive shipment of your beers.