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Cigar City Patio Pils To Return As Summer Seasonal

Cigar City Patio PilsThose with a taste for light, easy drinking summer beers, get on board with Patio Pils.  Cigar City’s pre-prohibition style lager will be returning soon in draft and bottle offerings.

Patio Pils is a pre-prohibition recipe lager with a modern twist. We improve on the traditional recipe made popular by German immigrants to the US during the mid 1800’s, by replacing six-row barley and cluster hops with premium two-row pilsner malt and noble hop varietals. These improvements yield a lager which expertly balances malt sweetness with hop bitterness. As in the classic pre-prohibition recipes we add flaked maize, which imparts delightful fresh corn notes.  Patio Pils is an exceptional warm weather beer that stays true to its craft beer roots, bringing massive flavor concentration and generous hop aroma and taste to every sip.

Style: Pilsner
Availability: 12oz bottles. Draft.
Returning: Spring, 2012

5.5% ABV 

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