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Cigar City Hopes To Completely Eliminate 12oz Bottles

Cigar City Brewing told the St. Petersburg Times yesterday that they hope to completely eliminate 12oz bottles in the future.   Cans have always been planned for Cigar City, the problem being space, and cost.  The first order of cans alone costs $37,000 dollars!

“When you put beer in bottles, you’re in a race to have it consumed before it becomes not what you intended.”

New Belgium sold their current canning line to Cigar City.  There is a gym next to the brewery (I almost wandered in there after 1, 3,  6 beers.)  They are moving out, and the new canning line is moving in.

The brewery has been tweeting a lot recently about the benefit of cans – blocking light, recyclable, you can take it more places, even cheaper.  They are really excited about it.

“Our ultimate goal,” says Redner, “is to phase out the 12-ounce bottles entirely and go to cans.”

Arrival: March, 2012

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