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Cigar City Celebrates 1000th Batch (And Estonians)

Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, FL) will soon spin out a new porter in celebration of their 1000th batch of beer.

Kalevipoeg (KAH-lay-vee-poo-egg) translates to “Kalev’s son” and refers to an epic poem from Estonia about a giant that helped form the lands and battled giants from other neighboring countries.  

Baltic porters hail from Estonia and other countries in the Baltic region of Europe.  We brewed this dark lager to celebrate our 1000th batch and give a tip of the hat to Estonians as well.  

Here’s to 1000 more, and, if we’re lucky, even more

Style: Baltic Porter
Availability: 750ml bottles, Draft.
Arrival: TBA

9% ABV