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Cigar City Batch #69. Grab A Mouthful

Cigar City BrewingBatch #69 Double Cream Ale. (Insert joke.) No, way. There are some on the way. This beer celebrated the 69th batch of beer CC brewed. No matter which way you look at it, you can’t let something good go away right? I’m sure there’s enough of this beer for two people.

Batch #69 is a Double Cream Ale, a style which isn’t really a style. This beer is our way of doubling the pleasure and doubling the fun. Originally brewed to celebrate the 69th batch of beer we brewed, the bottle in your hand is a nod to earlier, maybe slightly more immature days. We hope you enjoy a mouthful or two.

Style: Cream Ale
Availability: 750 ml bottles
Arrival: September, 2012

9% ABV

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