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Cigar City And Dunedin Form An Alliance

Cigar City Brewing and Dunedin Brewing (both Florida brewers) are forming an beer alliance.  Actually, and “agreement & collaboration.”  The beer echos and allegiance between Scotland & France that had a profound impact on the world.


Dunedin Brewery is Florida’s oldest Craft Brewery. Cigar City  is one of the youngest. In fact CC’s founder got his start in the craft beer business as a sales rep for Dunedin brewery.

Started in ’96 in the Scottish Heritage town of Dunedin, Founder Michael Bryant and his staff at Dunedin Brewery displayed a tenacity that resulted in a staying power many breweries opened in the 90s were unable to match. It also resulted in a lot of really good local beer! 15 years of it in fact.

Over the years, Dunedin has had a major impact on the Florida beer scene and served as an inspiration for those that followed it. In its role as elder Statesman, Dunedin has both inspired and provided a model and it is in that spirit of cooperation and guidance that we present Auld Alliance.

Auld Alliance (vielle alliance) was the alliance of kingdoms between Scotland and France from 1295 & 1560 which profoundly shaped the legal, military, cultural and even culinary makeup of both countries. It also provides a good historical analogy for the spirit of cooperation possessed by so many people who work to create hand-crafted beer.  Auld Alliance is a Scotch Ale reflecting the Scottish contribution to the Alliance fermented with a Saison yeast strain thats origin is traced back to France.

Style: Described as a Biere De Scotch ale

Availability: 750ml bottles, Draft

?? ABV