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CASK ALERT: Heavy Seas “Smoke on the Water”

I had the pleasure of speaking with brewer Kurt Kroll this morning about Heavy Seas’s upcoming release of “Smoke on the Water.”  Smoke is an imperial porter with a touch of smoke.  It debuts on cask tomorrow at Cypress Street for the FIRST TIME on the east coast!!!  According to Heavy Seas, Atlanta will have a taste of this new beer even before Baltimore, Maryland (Heavy Seas home) will.  Feel special yet?  (You better! Start making plans.)

The Mutiny Fleet is a lot like a side project series for Heavy Seas Brewing.  Actually its more a like a showcase – a spotlight where brewers can show off.  Kurt Kroll designed this recipe; Smoke on the Water is his baby.  In addition, Kurt is the artistic talent behind the Mutiny Fleet labels.  (Personal interjection: Kurt, they are badass.)  Smoke is first and foremost a porter.  It was brewed at lower gravity in order to dry it out a bit on back end, giving the beer a bit more porter character.  The smoke is subtle.  Intentionally being a touch, not a flavor blast.  Smoked rauch malt was used for this recipe – no liquid malt.

Ingredients –

Hops – German Noble hop strains.  No aroma hops used

Malts – Smoked Rauch Malts from Germany

Availability –  22 oz bomber bottles (being bottled at Heavy Seas  today)  Draft offerings, but unspecified.  Cask

8% ABV

Again, this beer debuts tomorrow on gravity cask at Cypress Street, part of Beer Geek Tuesday

Cypress Street, 7pm
Ste E125, 817 West Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30308
(404) 815-9243

Twitter: @CypressStreet

Special thanks to Kurt Kroll, and Kelly at Heavy Seas for their time!!!