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Brutal day for Lost Abbey, Duck Duck sale postponed

Three years ago when Lost Abbey released Duck Duck Gooze, the servers crashed. Beer fans lost their cool. Three years later, the technology is unfortunately working against the brewery once again.

Today, the link went live for fans to purchase one of the San Marcos, California based brewery’s most time intensive and rare beers to produce – at $41 dollars a pop.

The flood of beer buyers caused the e-commerce site to crash, irritating the fans of Lost Abbey. The server crash was so severe, the brewery just announced the delay of the sale until Friday, July 29th. (It was going to be the 27th for a minute there.)

Lost Abbey actually uses a 3rd party host for the e-commerce platform – Nexternal out of Carlsbad, California. Their engineers are probably pretty busy right now working on what caused the meltdown. (We are imaging Tomme Arthur sitting on a pretty long phone hold.) The hard work by the brewery and three years of aging have been undone by technology again. Let’s face it, no one can afford Ticketmaster’s fees.

Lost Abbey is pretty torn up that the sale has been messy. However, they have handled it with grace. Beer fans weren’t very forgiving on social media, however. At times, downright ugly, despite the brewery’s repeated apologies:

He needs a time frame folks:

Money makes things feel better:

A new Twitter handle just to hate:

A whole day off. WASTED: 


Server meltdown: 

Wait. Leaked pic of the server


Then things got weird:

Michael Jordan can’t catch a break. I bet he can get Duck Duck: 

Honorable Mention. 15 minutes is a short one in our books:

Lost Abbey Duck Duck LOL

As far as the sale on Friday, there’s a good chance it will crash again. Remember, it’s just (damn good) beer.

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