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Bruery’s Black Tuesday To Be Sold Online (Local Pickup)

Another hard to get beer coming at ya.  The rundown:

The Bruery’s Black Tuesday is bourbon barrel aged imperial stout, ranked among the best in the world.  They will be released on 10/25/11.

They will be on sale at starting at 10 AM Pacific.  3 bottle limit. $30 a bottle.

Pick up starts 10/26 at The Bruery Provisions store.  They will be held until 12/1/11.

Someone can pick up your bottles for you (The Bruery DOESN’T ship).  Make sure that person is in the SHIP TO line.

-If you plan on having someone else pick up the bottles, please make sure they are listed in the “ship to” portion of the checkout.

Bottles in your cart aren’t yours until sale is complete.

MOST IMPORTANTLY! There will be other options to buy Black Tuesday throughout the year… more options to follow.