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Brooklyn VS. Anchor – NFC Championship Brewery Wager

Are you ready for some football?  Brooklyn Brewery (New York, NY) and Anchor Brewing Co. (San Francisco, CA) sure are and they are taking this year’s NFC Championship pretty seriously.  Anchor’s John Dannerbeck and Brooklyn’s Steve Hindy have come up with a little wager.  He who’s team loses this Sunday will pour the other’s beer and their tour staff will wear the opposing teams attire for a week at the loser’s brewery.  Brewers will wear jerseys of shame as well.

How John and Steve feel about this weekend’s matchup:

“We are very confident that the 49ers will come through for us and we will not have to suffer this humiliation,” said Dannerbeck. “We beat the Giants earlier this year, and I am sure we will do it again.”“The Giants have come together in an impressive way since the post-season commenced,” said Hindy. “We think Eli Manning and his team are going to avenge that earlier loss and move on to the Super Bowl.”

The 49ers are currently favored to win by 2.5 points.