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Brewers Alley Owner Creates Monacacy Brewing

Frederick Maryland will have another brewery joining the brewing ranks of the city – Monacacy Brewing.mon  Phil Bowers, managing member will be building a 15,000 square foot brewery ready by November, 2011.

Bowers is also know for his restaurant Brewers Alley, showcasing his brewing talents for years.

Just like wine connoisseurs who explore the nuances of regional grapes, so, too do fans of craft beer, who want to enjoy beer styles created with locally-grown ingredients,” says Bowers, “Local origination of ingredients will be one of Monocacy’s major brewing initiative.” Tom Flores, who has served as brewmaster at Brewer’s Alley since 1997, will oversee operations at the brewery.

What’s in a name? Monacacy Brewing is named for the river that runs through Frederick County.

The brewery will be able to produce 20,000 barrels a year at full capacity.  The Brewer’s Alley beers will be a separate lineup from Monacacy’s.  There will be the potential for contract brewing at  the Frederick location.  25 employees will initially be hired to run the brewery.

More info on Monacacy [PressRelease]

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