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16 Mile Brewery Delivers A New 12 Ounce Face To The World

16 Mile Brewery Delivers A New 12 Ounce Face To The World

Georgetown, DE (October 2011) – 16 Mile Brewing Company will now offer its beer in a 12 ounce brown bottle 6 pack format instead of the 22 ounce single aluminum bottle. Now celebrating over 2 years in the handmade craft beer industry, this change comes as part of a lot of exciting changes here at the brewery in Georgetown, Delaware. The first is the addition of our Inlet I.P.A. to our core beer selection of Blues’ Golden, Amber Sun, and Old Court (a dark Pale Ale). They have cool interesting labels and 6 pack holders–each that tell the story and influence behind the name. We also have a great new full color mother carton that looks like the walls of all the old buildings around this part of the world. We noticed when we stacked a small display for our website photo, it looked like a stack of bricks so we have given that fun nickname to the displays going up at package stores.

The next effort in advancing the 16 Mile story is a great selection of support material to help educate and reward the great customers we have. We have new custom designed tap handles that looks like a brick, two new glasses to drink from–one of which is an old school Schooner glass that weighs 3 lbs, new brick-colored t-shirts and caps, and below an example of our new 20 x 24 tin metal sign:

We even have a couple new sayings which are on our new POS as well as the mother carton: “16 Miles to good beer”, and “Because it’s 16 Miles to anywhere” which helps to tell the story behind our name of the brewery and our town.

We have added Claus Hagelman to our team as the Sales & Marketing Director to spearhead this new energy. He brings over 15 years in the biz to help us out in telling our story to all who will listen.

Other news–we are breaking ground soon for the doubling of the brewery to handle all the new growth. This will not only extend the number of tanks and cold storage, but will give us a large new bar & retail area for our customers to visit. We have made commitment to grow our brewery to 10 fold over next few years, we are currently a 2,500 barrel annual rate.

Last, if you are not familiar with this brewery, we have updated our website over the last week to get more info about us and all the changes going on here. 16 Mile is a classic session-styled brewery started 2 years ago in a 100 year old barn. The brewery does have a warming hearth feel about it. This is is part of the reason for the brick theme that runs through our story. These smooth ales are not redefining by nature, they are just well crafted–easy to drink and full of flavor. The kind of beer that is like a friend, you can sit and enjoy at your favorite tavern or at home with a good movie. The goal of the brewery is to only grow to be a 30,000 barrel regional brewery that supplies Delaware and the neighboring states with our brews. We are starting on that great journey now with our new 6 packs and a great block of loyal fans and friends.