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Brewdog Starts A Revolution

James Watt & Martin Dickie, founders of Brewdog Brewing have launched a new website. This one though is not for their beer, but a way to rally beer drinkers of the United Kingdom against “lies and propaganda that circulate through beer advertising and marketing.” It’s no secret that Brewdog has no love for big beer.’s sole purpose is to expose dispel the smoke & mirrors around the UK beer scene. “A new voice for craft beer” as the mission statement suggests:

BeerLeaks is the voice of the craft beer revolution.

  1. No more will mainstream brands be able to lie to us about their beer
  2. No more will our perceptions of beer be skewed by marketing
  3. No more will we settle for limp, tasteless, fizzy, yellow lager
  4. No more will we stay silent

If you have a myth propagated by mainstream breweries that you can smash, submit your knowledge anonymously to now.

Before the site launched today, a teaser video was on the home page. It has now been moved to the manifesto portion of the website Рand pretty much sums up the goal of this revolution.  <>

In case you missed it, Breckenridge Brewing just released a few videos recently dispelling some U.S. based myths in beer advertising.  They are HERE

Accept Mainstream from BrewDog on Vimeo.

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