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Brewdog Experimental Barrel Aged 7.7 Lager

Brewdog BarrelsBrewdog will release a new experiment in May.  BB3 Barrel Aged 7.7 Lager is aged in single grain scotch whiskey casks.

It is Lager, but not as we know it. In late 2010 we decided to take 77 Lager and try do something pretty special with it. Because we are geeks and like numbers, we brewed a batch which was 7.7% then put it into single grain scotch whisky casks. The beer has been aged for 18 months in oak now and has been lightly filtered (to remove the charring from the barrels) and is on our Bright Beer Tank ready to be packaged.

Style: Lager (Barrel Aged)
Availability: 12 oz bottles, Draft
Arrival: May, 2012

7.7% ABV 

Above: Barrels at the brewery in Scotland

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