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Boulevard Test Nelson Grape Ale

New: Boulevard Brewing Test Nelson Grape Ale.  An ale brewed with grape juice.

Availability: Draft only, as of 4/8/12
Arrival: TBA (Test brew)

4.7% ABV

One thought on “Boulevard Test Nelson Grape Ale

  1. Tried this the other day at the brewery during a tour. It’s okay. A bit flat in character. Looks like they’re using Lalvin DV10 to ferment it, based on what we saw in the boxes they had in a walk in cooler. That and Windsor yeast. So it’s a sparkling wine yeast. Very neutral, little yeast derived character. Quite dry. You do get a winey smell. Perhaps a bit too bitter on the hops. Not a bad beer, but needs more of something. Not sure what.

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