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Boulder’s “Awesome Oops”

Boulder Beer will be tapping a one of a kind brew on 2/2/12 at 4pm.  Dubbed an “awesome oops” this crazy concoction will never be available again because no one even knows exactly how it was made.  Boulder has a mistake at shift change to thank for this beer.  The first shift added 4,000 lbs of grain to a 50 barrel batch and unknowingly the second shift came in and added their own grain for a different beer to the same batch.  All this grain left brewers with a huge mess but they decided to make the best of it and added some hops.  The end result was a 12% ABV cross between Planet Porter and Mojo Risin’ Double IPA.

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  1. Beer’s named “Bad Moon Risin'” and will be available — very limited release — nationwide.  Check Boulder Beer Co. on Facebook for locations.

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