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Bolita Updated, Shelves Again Soon

Cigar City Brewing’s Bolita Double Nut Brown Ale is the next beer in the breweries artwork overhaul.  The it’s a seasonal release, with varying releases dates. Bolita is a lottery that originated in Cuba, and became popular in Florida. 100 numbered balls were placed in a bag, and bets were taken on which number would be drawn.  Variations of Bolita include – Bourbon Aged, Mayan Espresso, Coconut Aged, & more.

About Bolita:
Bolita means “little ball” but profits from the illegal lottery games were anything but little.  Our Bolita is a Double Northern English-style brown ale that has a complex malt forward character with notes of chocolate, toffee, and hints of roasted nuts.

Style: English Brown Ale

8% ABV