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Bell’s Brewing Launches in Georgia

Bell's Brewing Company


Bells Brewing Launches in Georgia — Today!

Quick History

Bell’s began as Kalamazoo Brewing Company by a fellow named Larry Bell in 1983. Originally, it began as a home brewing shop and sold it’s first beer in 1985. Since then, it has obviously grown into the craft brewer that it is today. In 2003 it opened its current brewing site near Comstock, MI. The current site has seen numerous expansions, thus allowing its distribution to grow further and further away from Michigan.

Just to tell you ahead of time, you are going to want Hopslam, Oberon, and Two Hearted Ale. They are incredibly tasty.


Launch Events and Tastings are as follows –

Monday, May 18th -Rare cask of Hopslam Double IPA tapped at Brickstore Pub in Decatur. Also, I believe a keg of Double Cream Stout will be on hand.

Tuesday, May 19th – Taco Mac begins selling Bells. Launch event is slated for the Kennesaw Location. Metropolis will also have a great line up too.

Bell’s Check List of must haves if you are a Bell’s first timer –

OberonAmerican Wheat Ale – 5.8% ABV
Two Hearted AleIPA – 7.0% ABV
AmberAmber Ale – 5.8%
Pale AleAmerican Pale – 5.2%
HopslamDouble IPA – 10% ABV
Kalamazoo StoutStout – 6% ABV
Third Coast Old AleBarleywine – 10.2% ABV

And that’s just for starters!

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