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Bell’s $52 Million Expansion

25 years later, Bell’s Brewing continues to impress.  On top of an every expanding range of beers, Larry Bell founder of Bell’s announced a $52 million dollar expansion over the next 5 years.

Bell’s has a plant in Comstock, Michigan.   With this expansion, 50 jobs will be added and the output capacity increased 500% costing around $17 million. This work will begin in 2011.  Additions include expanded employee break rooms, additional fermenters, even a special fermentation area for one time and collaboration brews.

Additionally, the Comstock location will gradually undergo expansions from 2012-2016.  Overall, 60,000 square feet will be added the brewery, costing around $32 million.  Bell’s aims for 20% growth annually each year during the expansion.

The Eccentric Cafe in downtown Kalamazoo, MI is home to a big Bell’s draft list, food, merchandise and live bands.   A $3 million dollar expansion just started on this popular craft beer destination.

Fun Fact: Bell’s currently distributes to 18 states.  Michigan remains #1 in sales.