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Beer Street Journal Video: SweetWater’s Waterkeeper Saves Rivers

SweetWater Brewery (Atlanta, GA) has just released Waterkeeper Hefeweizen for the third time. The beer was firs brewed as a part of the “Save Our Water” campaign to raise awareness of the need for clean water and clean rivers. Over 90% of your beer comes from water (especially Chattachoochie River water if you are drinking SweetWater), so keeping water sources clean is vital.

Since the inception of the program seven years ago, the brewery has raised over a half a million dollars  for the cause. Over time as the success of the campaign grew, SweetWater decided it was time to up  the ante a little with a beer to compliment the summer season, and the conservation efforts. Waterkeeper Hefeweizen was born. For the first time ever, Waterkeeper is now available in 12oz/6 packs and draft. Finally over the capacity issues, this summer folks in all of SweetWater’s distribution areas will drink this brew.

Style: Hefeweizen
Hops: Sterling, Hallertau
Malts: 2 Row, Wheat

Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft. Summer Seasonal

5.7% ABV