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Beer Street Journal Video: Inside Terrapin’s New Brew House

Terrapin Beer Co (Athens, GA) is now brewing on a spiffy new 100 barrel Rolec brewhouse. Thats a big step up from the 25 barrel they have been brewing on. About a year ago, we had a chat with Terrapin founder John Cochran about the constraints with the brewery. At the time, the brewery was producing about 21,000 barrels (672,000 gallons) a year. The orders however, totaled more than 30,000 barrels. Not a bad position to be in.  Expansion was imminent.

Setting up for a big 2013, Terrapin is finally able to brew enough beer to meet the demand. Treehugger, and German style alt bier just promoted to year round status was the first beer brewed on the new equipment. Beer Street Journal tagged along with “Spike” on the brew day.

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