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Beer Spotlight: 5 Seasons West’s Watermelon Wheat

Back with a vengeance as it were.  5 Seasons West’s watermelon beer made it’s debut last summer at the brewpub.  Let’s just say it was well received.

Watermelon starts off as an American Wheat ale brewed with copious amounts of German malts and wheat malts.  Some specialty malts were also used for some extra complexity.  Then comes the watermelon.  Lots of watermelon.  600 lbs of locally grown organic watermelon.  All 600 lbs of watermelon had to be peeled, de seeded, and then pureed.   All of this had to be done in a little blender, so the process was time consuming.   The pureed watermelon is then added directly to the serving tank, so the flavor is fresh and straight forward.

Crawford had this to say –

“It is so important to use real fruit and not an extract.  You can really taste the difference.”

I couldn’t agree more.  Real fruit makes a difference.  Each glass has a fresh watermelon flavor that is not overwhelming, and is well balanced by the wheat flavor.  This  is a great hot weather beer.  Remember, each glass is actually served straight from the serving tank with the watermelon suspended in it.  It’s the freshest fruit beer you can have in Atlanta.  Each glass also has a slice of fresh watermelon on the rim!

>5% ABV

5 Seasons Westside
1000 Marietta Street Northwest
Atlanta, GA
Twitter: @5SeasonsWest