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Beer At Starbucks In ChiTown In 2012

Starbucks LogoUp to 7 Starbucks in the Chicago area will be expanding their menus to sell wine and beer by the end of 2012.

The Seattle-based coffee giant announced the plan this week, as the Seattle Times reports.  Beer & Wine will be sold after 2pm.

Beer will be part of the store in some instances, while others will be retro fitted for beer sales.  More live entertainment will be featured at these locations selling alcoholic beverages.   This is just the beginning, as Starbucks plans to roll out more locations featuring beer (& wine) in the future.

By October 2012, Starbucks plans to open six to 10 new stores and remodel another 100. Each remodel employs 30 to 50 construction workers and new stores represent about 15 jobs apiece, he said. Starbucks employs about 5,000 people in the Chicago area… [Chicago Tribune, HuffPo]



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