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Atlanta’s Hop City Expanding, Adding 60 Tap Growler Station

Atlanta’s Hop City Craft Beer & Wine, ranked 12th best beer retailer in the world on (8th overall the U.S.) has some pretty big news.  Owner Kraig Torres has just inked a deal that will put a second store in Birmingham, Alabama.  (A place starving for good beer!)

We have a large customer base from Birmingham who drive two-and-half hours to our store, so Alabama was a no brainer! says Kraig Torres

The new location will span about 5,500 square feet and open in March at Pepper Place in Birmingham.

And in other big Hop City News:

The current store in Atlanta, Georgia – sells 1,800 different beers, 1,000 wines, and home brewing supplies.  Earlier this year, Hop City added a 16 tap growler wall once they became allowable in Georgia.  Growler lovers, get ready for this.  On January 7th, Hop City will open a growler wall expansion – bringing the total to 60 taps.  The most in the southeast.  Kraig recently bought the empty store adjacent to the shop.  The annex will have the tap wall, and a new temperature controlled beer cellar, full of goodies they will release throughout the year.

More on the Alabama Expansion 


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  1. This is awesome, couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.  I remember eagerly awaiting their opening in Spring of 2008 for what seemed like forever.  Can’t wait to see the new Growler room.

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