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Atlanta: Eventide Brewing Signs Lease

Eventide Brewing (Future Atlanta, GA) has signed a space for a tap room/brewery in Atlanta, Georgia. The folks behind Eventide will be working on this build entirely by themselves. Location not yet announced.

 The build out is going to be done all by us. One of the unique things about us is that we have more bad ass talent than most people realize. For the design and construction of our tasting room we have Nathan, who grew up in a metal shop. He can fabricate most anything he sees out of metal, and whose brother is a contractor. Myself, I grew up the son and grandson of 2 shop teachers, and 1 tradesman. When I was 18 I was ranked the 15th best cabinet maker in the nation. In summary, we have the knowledge and skill to do the design and build out ourselves.

More to come on this brewery for sure. Above: Rudimentary design plans