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Are Fegleys And Troegs Going To Play Nice?

Maybe the elves won’t be doing battle this Christmas. About 6 months agoTroeg’s Brewing (Harrisburg, PA) has filed a cease & desist order against Bethlehem Brew Works (Bethlehem, PA), makers of Fegley’s beers. Troeg’s Mad Elf — a Belgian strong dark ale with cherries. Arrives at Christmas time each year.  Bethlehem makes Rude Elf’s Reserve, a Belgian strong dark ale with spices.  Both beers contain images of an elf, with a close color scheme.

Not the first time Bethlehem has delt with Elf lawsuits though.  (Lawsuits are anything but small! HA!)  Rude Elf’s Reserve has been known by another name — Rudolph’s Reserve, but changed it after a similar lawsuit in 2004.  Fegley’s owns a trademark on the Rude Elf’s Reserve beer name.

Troeg’s believes that due to Mad Elf’s existence — they own the term elf when referenced to ales & lagers.

Fast forward to this week.   This surfaces.  The Peaceful Elf.  “An All-American Collaboration Ale”  Now with no other information available, one could only assume the breweries are working towards playing nice.


correction: Fegley’s owns a trademark, not a patent.


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  1. You can’t have a patent on a name.  I believe you meant a trademark.  Let me know if you have any questions about this!

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