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Another Westvleteren 12 Label

Westvleteren 12 Label Westvleteren 12 isn’t labeled when you buy it in Europe.  The only mark of the beer is the cap.  For those of you that don’t know, Westvleteren 12 – considered one of the best beers on planet earth, only sold at the Abbey in Belgium.  The monks there only brew enough to support the monastery, end of story.  Recently, it was discovered in a building inspection that the Abbey needs a good bit of structural renovation and repair.  So, they will be producing more beer to pay for it until it’s completed.

For the 1st time ever, the beer will be (legally) sold in America.  Because it’s coming stateside, it needs some form of “minmal” labeling for it’s one time engagement on our soil. Above is 1 of 2 labels we’ve seen.

Ad aedificandam abbatiam adiuvi translates from Latin to “I Helped Build The Abbey”

Westie 12 will be sold in gift packs in early 2012.