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Angry Orchard Stone Dry Joins Year-Round Lineup

Angry Orchard Stone Dry

Angry Orchard Stone Dry Cider is the most recent release in the cidery’s Core Collection.

Angry Orchard Stone Dry is made from a selection of French apple varieties to create the crisp dry flavor of the cider — the driest of all Angry Orchard’s Core Collection ciders. Based on the English-style of dry ciders, Stone Dry is an American interpretation of the traditional cider.

“At Angry Orchard, we’re always experimenting with ingredients and recipes. With Stone Dry, we wanted to capture the heart of traditional bittersweet apple varieties by showcasing their naturally occurring tannins,” said Ryan Burk, Angry Orchard cider maker. “Drinkers who are beginning to explore the drier end of the craft cider spectrum will enjoy Stone Dry for its full tannic mouthfeel, perceived dryness and robust bittersweet aromatic notes, much like a very ripe apple.”

Angry Orchard Stone Dry is available nationwide in 12 ounce bottled 6-packs. Limited amounts will be available on draft.

Style: Cider
Availability: Year-Round

5.5% ABV