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Winter cider: Angry Orchard Tapped Maple

Angry Orchard Tapped Maple

Available now: Angry Orchard Tapped Maple, a new hard cider.

Cold wintery breakfasts are the inspiration for Tapped Maple. Angry Orchard used culinary apples from the United States, and Vermont maple syrup in its creation. Once the apple juice fermented into a dry cider, maple syrup was added to create a fun, contrasting flavor.

This cider is especially interesting because the base cider is actually quite dry. The maple syrup – rich in flavor and natural maple sweetness – adds a delicate balance, creating a not-too-sweet cider with a strong maple-forward aroma, and full, round mouthfeel.

Angry Orchard Tapped Maple is available from January through April in 12 ounce bottles.

Style: Hard Cider (w/ Maple Syrup.)
Availability: 12oz Bottles. Jan-April
Debut: January, 2017

5% ABV

Ed note: Apparently this cider was released in January. PR was released Mid-Feb. 

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All New York apples make up Angry Orchard Walden Hollow

Angry Orchard Walden Hollow

Angry Orchard Walden Hollow is the latest big bottle “Cider House Series” release. A new hard cider that features all New York state apples.

When you are brewing a cider, apples are everything. New York is known for their apple crop, prompting a release focusing on a few of the state’s popular varieties.

Three apples make up Angry Orchard Walden Hollow – Golden Russett, Newtown Pippin, and Northern Spy. Apparently, the Northern Spy apple is used frequently in brandy production.

What you’ll taste in this hard cider… a more tart and dry cider then some of the mainstream sweet ciders that you will find. You’ll find Walden Hollow be a little more musty, with a touch farmhouse notes found in Brettanomyces heavy wild ales. Love ciders and a nice buzz? Hollow is bit higher than average – clocking in a 8% alcohol by volume.

Angry Orchard Walden Hollow is a 750 milliliter corked and caged bottle release, year-round – named for the Angry Orchard in Walden, New York.

Style: Hard Cider
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Debut: August, 2016

8% ABV

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Angry Orchard The Old Fashioned debuts year-round

Angry Orchard The Old Fashioned

Angry Orchard The Old Fashioned has joined the cidery’s new Orchard’s Edge Series. A new series dedicated to creating an more complex cider flavor.

Angry Orchard The Old Fashioned is aged on charred oak bourbon barrel staves, with dried tart cherries and California grown navel orange peel. Apple varieties include Gala and Fuji.

The cider has a delicate citrus aroma with hints of vanilla and bourbon flavor from the wood aging process. The Old Fashioned has lasting tannins and a full, round mouthfeel.

Angry Orchard The Old Fashioned joins Knotty Pear in kicking off this new series. Each cider in the series is aged on oak, and will have not only apples in the recipe, but pears, and oranges. Additionally, each cider is aged on oak.

Style: Cider (w/ Tart Cherries. Barrel Aged. Bourbon.)
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft. Year-Round
Release: March, 2016

6.5% ABV

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Angry Orchard Knotty Pear debuts in new series

Angry Orchard Knotty Pear

Angry Orchard Knotty Pear is joining the new “Orchard’s Edge” cider series.

Angry Orchard Knotty Pear is a blend of domestic culinary pears, including Bartlett, Doyenne de Comice, Bosc, and D’Anjou, plus U.S. grown apples.

The cider leads with ripe apple, baked pear aromas and spicy, herbal hints from the cardamom. The pears also give the cider a subtle spiced essence along with notes of citrus and mint. Aged on American oak, this cider has a pleasant, dry finish.

The Orchard’s Edge Series will feature more complex ciders, aimed at the advancing  tastebuds of fans of the category. Each of the ciders are aged in American oak, and will include non-apple fruits like oranges and pears. 

Angry Orchard Knotty Pear is a year-round release.

Style: Cider (Oak Aged)
Availability: 12oz Bottles. Year-round.
Debut: February, 2016

6.5% ABV

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Angry Orchard Stone Dry Joins Year-Round Lineup

Angry Orchard Stone Dry

Angry Orchard Stone Dry Cider is the most recent release in the cidery’s Core Collection.

Angry Orchard Stone Dry is made from a selection of French apple varieties to create the crisp dry flavor of the cider — the driest of all Angry Orchard’s Core Collection ciders. Based on the English-style of dry ciders, Stone Dry is an American interpretation of the traditional cider.

“At Angry Orchard, we’re always experimenting with ingredients and recipes. With Stone Dry, we wanted to capture the heart of traditional bittersweet apple varieties by showcasing their naturally occurring tannins,” said Ryan Burk, Angry Orchard cider maker. “Drinkers who are beginning to explore the drier end of the craft cider spectrum will enjoy Stone Dry for its full tannic mouthfeel, perceived dryness and robust bittersweet aromatic notes, much like a very ripe apple.”

Angry Orchard Stone Dry is available nationwide in 12 ounce bottled 6-packs. Limited amounts will be available on draft.

Style: Cider
Availability: Year-Round

5.5% ABV

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Angry Orchard Cider House Collection Goes National

Angry Orchard Ciders, a division of Boston Beer Company, is now taking a couple of special releases national. The Cider House Collection is available in big bottle format, each one a take on unique or ancient recipes.

Strawman (Pictured on left): For centuries Farmhouse Cider making has been a tradition celebrated by farmers in the English and French countryside. Strawman combines a distinct blend of juices from traditional culinary and bittersweet apples, which is then aged on oak. The result is a full-flavored, complex, and balanced cider with wine-like characteristics, rounded out by apple and citrus notes. Its lingering, earthy finish is an homage to the origins of this unique cider.

Iceman (On right): Inspired by the tradition of Ice Ciders in Quebec, Iceman uses the process of freezing the juice from culinary and bittersweet apples to produce a rich, complex and unique cider with a crisp apple taste and notes of caramel and toffee. This cider is sweet but not cloying. The addition of oak-aging yields a smooth and pleasing vanilla character. The result is a perfectly balanced, full-flavored cider that delights the palate with clean apple notes and a lingering toffee finish.  10% ABV

Style: Cider (Oak Aged)
Availability: 750 ml bottles

10% ABV 

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Angry Orchard Grows Into Cans

Well hello cider in pounder cans. Angry Orchard Crisp Apple and Apple-Ginger are now available in 16oz pounder cans. They’re on their way to your neighborhood soon. Anyone else feel like their summer is about to be a lot more drunker?