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Anchor Zymaster Series Release #2: Mark’s Mild

Anchor Zymaster Series No 2 Mark's Mild

Anchor Brewing‘s newest series -The Zymaster Series debuted in  February, with California Lager. While the name “zymaster” is made up, the beer is very real. The second release in the series is Mark’s Mild, a British creation. The mild referred to lightly hopped, low strength, low alcohol, fresh beer that was just a few weeks old. The true definition of session beer. The British mild proves that big flavor doesn’t have to be big in booze.

Each release in the series is draft only, with the release fairly limited.Style: Mild
Availability: Draft only
Arrival: TBA

?? ABV

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Zymaster n [Gk zyme leaven + master — more at ZYMURGY]
1: a new word coined by Anchor Brewing to describe a brewmaster with hands-on experience throughout the a-to-z process of creating a new beer, from the research and selection of the raw materials and development of a recipe to brewing, fermentation, cellaring, and finishing
2: a unique series of beers from Anchor Brewing, rooted in its exceptional respect for the ancient art and noble traditions of brewing and featuring extraordinary ingredients, innovative techniques, and unusual flavors