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Alpharetta OKs Growler Sales

Alpharetta, Georgia joins the ranks of cities allowing growler sales in the state.  This week, Alpharetta City Council approved the legal sale of beer in jugs to go.

Over a year ago, it was discovered that the sale of growlers in the state wasn’t expressly “illegal”, just prohibited under certain circumstances.  Basically, you have to be off premise (retail) and cannot sell liquor.   Beer and wine only.

The passage allows growler stores to move into the Alpharetta area.  Georgia based brewery Wild Heaven as seen a huge bump in their draft sales this year from growler sales.  24% of their kegs sales this year comes from growler accounts. [AJC]

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  1. Thanks for the article! It took some work but we got the ordinance passed! We open in Downtown Alpharetta at 53 S. Main in June. Dave – Blind Murphy Craft Beer Market

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