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AB Says No Bud Light Flower Vases Please

So most craft beer aficianados would find it humorous to have a Bud Light 40 as the flower vase on their table at an establishment that serves up some nice craft beers right?  Well, Anheuser-Busch reps for the Houston restaurant, Hay Merchant, who did this didn’t find it quite as funny. They did not seem to like the comparison of their Budweiser products to water.

The reps offered up some cases of King Cobra, a malt beverage, to replace the flower vases.  Hay Merchant partner Bobby Heugel accepted the King Cobra bottles quite willingly and they are now using those on their tables.  In fact, the servers actually like them better as they are clear and it is easier to see the water level.

[Hay Merchant]

One thought on “AB Says No Bud Light Flower Vases Please

  1. Hmm, AB really wouldn’t have been happy if a craft-beer-loving, bar-owning friend of mine had gone through with his original plan: buying some Bud tap handles and installing them on the urinals in the men’s room.

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