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A Little Beer & A Litte Satan With Surly Pentagram

Surly PentagramSurly Brewing’s future satanic offering – Pentagram.  A wild ale aged in red wine barrels.  This evil beer looks like it would fly around the room if it could.  Surly mentioned this release back at GABF in October. It might become an annual release. It was apparently known as Surly Five from a year ago.

This Arcane Seal guards an enigmatic brew that is FUNKY, DARK, and SOUR.  If you choose t0 break the seal, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!  100% Brettanomyces Dark beer fermented stainless and aged in used red wine barrels. “Brett” is a unique yeast strain that produces flavors that would be considered offensive if  they were not intentional. Flavors of sour  cherry, tobacco, oak and classic “Brett” barnyard funk balanced by dark munich mall chewiness. Enjoy immediately or age at cellar temperature for a couple years.

UNLEASH PENTAGRAM. You have been warned! 

Style: American Wild Ale (Wine Barrel Aged)
Availability: 750 ml bottles
Arrival: TBA

?? ABV

Surly also is working on their 6th Anniversary beer – SŸX.

note: The above is tentative.  Subject to change at whim of the brewer, the beer, or the barrel.