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Allagash Brewing’s newest couple – Victor and Victoria!

Allagash Victor VictoriaThere are 2 beers that I am very excited to see finally find their way to Atlanta.   Just when I was about to give up hope, here they are.  It’s a couple — Victor and Victoria by Allagash Brewing.  When I think of the long list of beers I’ve had this year — these two are standouts.

Victor and Victoria each a little bit different, but they both have something in common — Grapes.  Over 100 pounds  were crushed and added to the mash (In making beer, soaking grains in water to release sugar.  Sugar will ferment to alcohol.)  Already, you might see this has something in common with wine.   A wine yeast strain is used in both also, adding to the wine like character of these beers.

Let’s look at Victor (9% ABV) –

Chancellor grapes  ( used for Chancellor red wines) were used here.   Hops include Hallertau and Fuggle.  Hallertau hops don’t have a strong smell, but bitter the beer.  Fuggle hops are a bit more aromatic.  Very versatile when brewing.   Pilsner malts and again a wine yeast strain.

Victoria (9% ABV)

Chardonnay grapes. Over 150 lbs.  Belgian yeast (gives the beer a unique flavor.)   Victoria has a fruity smell, with hints of Chardonnay grapes.  The brewers at Allagash took references from Bacchus, Thracian god of wine to make Victoria.   It is a tribute to the Victoria Mansion in Portland, Maine — home to Allagash Brewing.   A dollar from each bottle purchase supports the landmark.

Couple of quick notes  –

Let me reiterate how excited I am for Victor and Victoria.  These were available at Brickstore during their anniversary celebration.  Instantly loved them.  Simplistically, they are beers with wine influences.  Almost a crossover beer.  Victor and Victoria have a great fruity pallete with grape finish that makes you want more.   Don’t take my word for it — grab the pair and see for yourself.    Don’t serve too cold, the flavors really pop at 40 — 50 degrees.

Hop City — 12.99 each

Tower  – Both in Stock! Price ??