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5 Seasons Brewing will close their final location this month


5 Seasons Brewing has announced the closing of their last location in Atlanta after 10 years of operation.

The closures of each of 5 Seasons three locations have come in three successive years. In June of 2017 the Old Milton Parkway location in Alpharetta, Georgia after receiving an offer for the property they couldn’t refuse.

On December 31st of last year, the Prado location in Sandy Springs announced they would cease operations at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

This week, barely 6 weeks after the Prado closure, 5 Seasons took to Facebook one last time to announce the closure of their Westside Atlanta location on Marietta Street.

This place was a dream come true where we put no limits on our inspiration to constantly create new dishes and new beers. When we signed the lease over twelve years ago there wasn’t much around here. Just one cool, independent coffee shop across the street tucked in amongst lots of empty buildings. It has been fun to be a small part in helping to build a neighborhood community. We will miss this place and the people that filled it.

Normal operating hours will continue until February 17th with half-priced beers, with a “drain the taps” farewell party at the SkyBar on the 23rd.