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With 420 cans, this is craft’s largest mixed pack

Before this week, there was the 4-pack, 6-pack, 12-pack, and the newly popular 15 pack (thanks to Founders Brewing). Let’s not forget the 18-pack, 24-pack, and if you are buying Natty Light – the 30-pack.

Then, in 2014, Austin Beer Works released the 99-pack, that required a few friends in order to get home. Well… forget about all of that. Another brewery has just gone BIG.

Meet the 420 Freedom Pack. That’s 420 cans of beer, or 17.5 cases of beer. The brewery says it takes four people to lift it. Shocking, a Colorado brewery release a 420 pack on 4/20, the state’s new favorite day?

The 420 Freedom Pack includes Declaration’s Hardtack Copper Amber Ale, Impure Penelope Armstrong IPA, and Purloined Pearl Pale Ale. If our math is correct, that is 140 cans of each. The price hasn’t been disclosed, but we estimate the cost as damn near $700 dollars. MATH: Estimating a 6-pack is $9.99 – ((9.99×4)17.5) = 699.30.

Feel like dropping some change on this beast, the 420 Freedom Pack is available at Winter Park Wine & Spirits and the Preamble Taphouse by Declaration Brewing.

Normal is boring.

One thought on “With 420 cans, this is craft’s largest mixed pack

  1. Dumb. what a silly marketing campaign. More hype than anything else. This is a cover for garbage products. 17.5 cases of hyped up liquid. Lol
    No respect for the consumer.

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