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3,000 Bottles Of Kiuchi “3 Days” To Come To U.S.

Kiuchi Brewing (makers of Hitachino)  have a limited created called – “3 Days.”  The beer is actually a result of the deadly earthquake that struck Japan on March 11th.  When the earthquake hit, the brewery was mashing in.  The power was out for 3 days.  When power was restored, the brewers attempted to complete the process – only to find that the mash had already started to naturally ferment.   A beer created by the earthquake.  Hitachino has bottled it, yielding about 8,000 bottles.

3,000 of these bottles are headed stateside in the beginning of 2012.

Style: Witbier, alternate fermentation

Availability: 18.6 oz

Limited to 8,000 bottles

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