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21st Amendment Arriving Soon!

THIS TIME FOR REAL! Coming in a matter of days to Atlanta is 21st Amendment Brewery.   21st Amendment hails from San Francisco, California.

It all started back in 2000 when Nico Freccia and Shaun O’Sullivan got to the business of brewing.  The friends met in 1995 in San Francisco.  Shaun O’Sullivan, once a paralegal and a photographer went to San Fran to take a job as assistant brewer at Triple Rock Brewery.  Nico Freccia — actor, writer, and restaurateur had yet another love — homebrewing.  In hopes to promote beer culture in the Los Angeles area, Freccia began writing for the Celebrator Beer News, a popular beer publication in the west.  Freccia and O’Sullivan took brewing science classes at UC Davis, and the rest is history.

The name 21st Amendment refers to the amendment to the United States Constitution repealing what I call the dark times — aka Prohibition.  Freccia and O’Sullivan examined San Francisco culture prior to Prohibition and found that local neighborhood breweries in San Francisco provided  not only a place for hand crafted beer that reflected the culture of the neighborhood to be served, but a place for people to gather, exchange conversations, ideas, politics and philosophies.  Prohibition destroyed this.  Taking a direct quote from their bio —

“In 1920, Prohibition wiped out this culture and put the “local” out of business.  For 13 years, social interaction was largely driven underground, to the speakeasies, where regular citizens became a nation of outlaws. “

So tragic, and true.  21st Amendment Brewery seeks to recapture the essence of those small neighborhood breweries, with a celebrated brewpub in the heart of San Francisco, and amazing craft beer to share.

All of 21st Amendment brews are in cans.  The initial offerings in Georgia will only be 2 brews —

Brew Free or Die IPA — IPA, 7% ABV.  West coast IPA brewed with Warrior hops, and finished with Columbus and Cascade.   Dry hopped with Amarillo, Ahtanum, Simcoe.  Malts include 2 Row Pale, and Imported Munich.  70 IBU’s.  Best selling beer in the 21st Amendment Pub.

Hell or High Watermelon — Wheat beer, 4.9% ABV.  Wheat beer, with secondary fermentation with fresh watermelon.  Uses Magnum hops, and 2 Row Pale and American Wheat malts.  The watermelon flavor is solely pureed watermelon. No extracts or syrups.  Yeast is a top fermenting ale yeast.  17 IBU’s

Monk’s Blood depicted in the image at the top will not be shipping immediately.  And be sad readers. It’s freaking delicious.  It’s a Belgian Dark Ale with… well, lets talk about it when it finally gets here.

Promo posters are leaking into stores now.   Check back here and @AtlBeerMaster on Twitter for up the minute sightings.  Here’s your proof it’s on the way  – CLICK ME


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