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The Bruery creates Offshoot Beer Co. and finally brews an IPA

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April Fool’s Day 2017 has come and gone, and The Bruery’s “joke” has turned out to be not a joke at all. Offshoot Beer Co. is a very real thing.

Patrick Rue has said for years that The Bruery will never release an IPA. Technically he will always be right. The closest they’ve ever come is Humulus Lager, which is hopped like an IPA, but uses an lager yeast. Sneaky, sneaky. When Rue started The Bruery in 2008, the India pale ale scene was already crowded. He never saw the point in going down that route.

Nearly a decade later, the IPA still dominates craft brewing. Plus, the talented team¬†at The Bruery most certainly has had an itch to go hoppy. Even if it is the time to release the venerable India pale ale, no amount of hops will make it fit The Bruery or Bruery Terreux’s branding.

Joel Kennedy, marketing manager for The Bruery tells Beer Street Journal that the big ideas around there usually come from Patrick Rue. Any IPA that was going to come from his team would have be from a different brand. Offshoot Beer Co. was born.

It wasn’t until the 2nd of April that fans of The Bruery started to realize this was no joke at all.

Offshoot Beer Co. is the third brand approach by the California based brewery and will specialize in IPAs. Initial releases like Perjury, Delayed Gratification, and Out of Context all got their start on the brewery’s 3 barrel experimental brewhouse, headed up by Andrew Bell.

Hazy IPAs, aka “New England Style IPAs” are hot right now, and that’s exactly where Offshoot Beer Co. begins their hoppy journey. “Fashionably Late,” and “Better Late Than Never,” each sport an 80’s theme and embody everything the haze fans crave. Those in 16 ounce cans, a first for The Bruery, thanks to mobile canning.

Offshoot Beer Co. shows off the the whimsical, playful side of The Bruery. If you can’t already tell, the names are poking fun at themselves from the get-go. Each month expect two new cans to surface. New styles, new names, even new themes. For now, you have to sign up on the interest list in order to get your hands on these cans, and even then, limited to pick up at the brewery (At least for the foreseeable future).

The Bruery and Brewery Terreux have always carried an air of class and sophistication. With Offshoot Beer Co., the weird (and hoppy) side of The Bruery we always knew was there is about to show, and starting this month – you’ll finally get to taste it.


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