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Yazoo’s Embrace the Funk releases bottles this week

Yazoo Embrace June 2016

On Thursday, June 9th, Nashville’s Yazoo Brewing releases more bottles from their funky/wild line – Embrace the Funk.

Snag bottles of Deux Rouges (Batch 3) and Delicieux (Batch 2).

Deux Rouges Batch 3 is our Flanders Red aged  with souring bacterias and multiple Brettanomyces strains for over a year in freshly emptied Merlot barrels. This year’s blend consists of 10 select barrels (including a portion from the original batch 1) that together bring big notes of raisin, dark cherry, fig and an oaky tannic wine finish.

Délicieux Batch 2 is a delicious hoppy Belgian Pale Ale with 2 strains of Brettanomyces from the Senne Valley in Belgium. A generous dry hopping with Styrian Goldings give this funky pale ale an earthy, spicy and herbal flavor/aroma. This beer will age well and constantly evolve. This year’s batch was slightly tweaked lending to a lighter color/body and drier/hoppier finish.

Limited apply for each. No distribution.

Image via Yazoo Brewing/Embrace the Funk