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WVU Speaks About College Football Beer Sales

Universities around the U.S. are considering beer sales inside college football games.   The potential for revenue enough to bring tears to an athletic director’s eyes.  West Virginia University held a press conference recently about the fall sales of beer at WVU games.   The concession company Sodexo has paired with 3 breweries Miller Coors, Anheuser-Busch, Morgantown Brewing Company.  Prices of the beer will be between $7-$9 a beer a pint and sold until until 7.5 mins left in 3rd quarter.  No glass.  No beer will be sold in or around the student section, or in the stands themselves.  Extra security will be in place to prevent incidents, and response to potential incidents.  Extra training for the Sodexo employees will be required to serve in the stadium.

In earlier stories, WVU expects beer sales to exceed $1 million a season. [CharlestonDailyMail]