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Worlds Strongest Beer Now 67.5% ABV

The world now has a new strongest beer, weighing in at 67.5% ABV. That’s 2.5% stronger then the current record holder by the same brewery, Armageddon.

The beer heavyweight is called Snake Venom, brewed by Lewis Shand and John Mackenzie’s Brewmeister Brewery in Scotland. A blend of smoked peat malt, and two varieties of yeast are used to create this potentially flammable brew.

This ABV race kicked off a few years ago with Brewdog’s Sink the Bismarck. That brew weighs in at 41%. Then came the End of History at 55% ABV. Bottles were placed [shoved] into taxidermied squirrels.

Then came Brewmeister’s Armadgeddon, the current record holder by at 65% ABV. Until now.

What does 67.5% ABV taste like?  “hoppy, malty and very pleasant”.  Each 275ml bottle retails for about $80 U.S. dollars. 

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