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Woodchuck Amber Coming To Cans (PR)

(Middlebury, VT) — Woodchuck Hard Cider’s flagship Amber is coming to cans.  Our fans said they wanted it, and we like to listen to our fans.

In a matter of months, Woodchuck’s CAN-do attitude brought it from brainstorm to final product.  You asked for it… you got it.

  • A Cask Canning Line System was brought into our Middlebury Cidery.
  • A custom made 4,650 gallon Feldmeier Bright Beer Tank was purchased to feed cider to the line.
  • The quality control team went to work ensuring that the liquid in the can was of the highest quality and same great taste as in the bottle.
  • The production team assembled and trained on the new canning line.
  • The marketing team developed and executed the packaging.

The passion fans bring to Woodchuck drives its success.  That passion is worth investing in.  In fact, since the first cans came off the line, it has been running 24/7 to meet the initial demand we are seeing.

The weather is turning warmer.  So go forth… to the beach, to the golf course, to the campground… the Woodchuck Amber can is by your side.

Amber cans are already shipping, and will hit store shelves across the country in the coming weeks.  The 12oz cans are available in 12 packs only.  The suggested retail price is $14.99.

The can is recyclable, and redemption states remain the same as the bottle.  The full Woodchuck Hard Cider line will continue to be offered in bottles, just as it always has.

We are proud to bring the Amber can to consumers as Woodchuck continues to lead the cider category.  A category it first reinvented in 1991.