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With More Martinis, James Bond’s Booty & Kills Go Up [Infographic]

What a brilliant infographic. As you can clearly see, the more James Bond drinks, the more kills he makes. The booty # goes up too. The Economist did a little bond research for this graphic. In SkyFall, bond drinks Heineken. Will the lack of martinis kill his libido?

3 thoughts on “With More Martinis, James Bond’s Booty & Kills Go Up [Infographic]

  1. Actually, I think you have that backwards. Roger Moore averaged 0.5 martinis per film and 7.5 kills = 15:1 ratio. Daniel Craig averages 5 martinis/8.5 kills for a ratio of 1.7:1 – therefore the more he drinks, the less he kills. Sean Connery = 8.5:1, Pierce Brosnan = 12.7:1, Lazenby = 6:1 and Dalton = 3.7:1

  2. PS: Same mistake for booty calls. Craig has 5 martinis, bags 1.5 babes. Roger Moore drinks a half a martini and bags 2.5 babes. Drink less – score more. Drink less – kill more.

  3. I don’t think you’re reading the graph with the legends right. Daniel Craig drank the most martinis and he didn’t make the most kills and he didn’t get the most booty either.

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