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Wild Heaven’s 4th Beer “Eschaton” Ships

Wild Heaven just crossed the 1 year mark.  That calls for a beer celebration.  Today the brewery shipped Eschaton, their 4th release since launch.

First lets tackle the name – Eschaton. Translated from Greek it means “End Of Time.”  Note the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse on the label.   Artist Adam Houston based it on a pencil sketch by  German artist Albrecht Dürer.  The beer is a Belgian quadrupel aged on pinot noir oak chips.  No candi sugar of any kind was used in the brew.  Believe me, you want this one.  Wild Heaven is truly giving you something to geek out about.  This is just a glimpse at great things to come from them.

Draft will be available in Georgia by the end of the week.  12oz bottles by the end of the year.

In other Wild Heaven news, the brewery is working on a lower ABV beer due out in the spring, alongside prepping for their brewery build in Decatur, Georgia.

10.5% ABV

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