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Wicked Weed’s Menage-a-Freak To Tap Again

Wicked Weed Brewing (Asheville, NC) will be releasing their Menage-a-Freak triple IPA at the end of May. You may have known this beer as Freak of Nature. Melange is so popular, fans beg for this beer to be a regular release.

“The first year we released this beer people were in love. We kept getting asked again and again if it would be a regular release but that, unfortunately, is something we can’t make happen,” said Luke Dickinson, Head of Brewing at Wicked Weed.

Menage-A-Freak is hopped at a rate 6 pounds per barrel, which is double the IPA hopping average in the U.S. There are 95 pounds of beer-absorbing hops used in Wicked Weed Melange-a-Freak so a 17 barrel batch turns into 13 barrels. That’s a good bit of loss, making each release a real small batch.

Look for Freak on tap on Saturday, May 24th at 12 noon.

Style: Imperial IPA
Availability: Draft only