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White Birch Brewing’s Apprentice Program

White Birch Deviant Monk

White Birch Deviant Monk

White Birch Brewing is based in Hooksett, New Hampshire.  This small brewery not only creates great beer in very small batches, but also maintains an apprentice program.   The program runs 6 months, 1 day a week.  The apprentice learns how to brew & repeat batches, create a recipe to be commercially brewed, study beers in that style, perfect that beer, and then commercially brew/launch that beer.

The 5th apprentice brewer with White Birch brings you Deviant Monk.  The creation of David Sakolsky.  Monk is an oak aged Belgian style dark ale.   10% ABV, limited to 1100 bottles.

Also, White Birch’s newest beer is a Wheat wine, limited to an even small run of just 96 bottles.

Folks interested in the Apprentice program, email WB at [email protected].

White Birch Wheat Wine