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Whisky In A Can? Hell Yeah

Beer won’t be the only thing you will be able to get in a can soon.  How about whiskey? Part of me thinks it’s a joke, but its sooo not.  Scottish Spirits will be bringing $5 cans of 80-proof scotch whisky stateside this year.

Our “Scotch in a Can” has eight shots (12 ounces) of Scotch straight out of the can − which is indeed a recyclable one. Keeping qualitative and quantitative standards intact, Scotch in a Can maintains high quality without compromising the tone of the beverage.  

The mentality behind this move is pretty much the same as you see in beer.  People want to take their favorite beverage to places where glass is verboten. (beaches, parks, etc.)  The packaging is cheaper to import and transport and guards the beverage from light.  First thing that came to my head? Once you open the can, you are pretty much committed to 8 shots of 40% abv whisky.  There’s no resealing it.    Scottish Spirits plans on shipping an attachment to help reseal sometime after the U.S. launch.

The blended scotch whisky is single grain, and matured in 3 years in oak casks in Scotland.

Arrival: February, 2012.  $5 a can.


One thought on “Whisky In A Can? Hell Yeah

  1. This is just so wrong in many ways. A 12oz can (about 8 shots worth) gives one the impression that it’s for a single serving. Not too many people I know would want to finish off 12oz of whisky in a single night (at least the smart ones won’t).  I’d rather see this done in a much smaller can (6oz) or if 12oz is the preferred size have a way to reseal the container for later use.  You simply can’t reseal a can.  Much of the booze will either get binged or discarded.

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