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Where’s The Good Beer In A Fancy Restaurant?

My friend Nathan Berrong (@NathanBerrong) makes a great point in his recent article for CNN’s Eatocracy.  Where is the nice beer to go along with my nice meal?  A couple of weekends ago, I was in Charlotte, North Carolina for this massive Stone Brewing Co tap takeover at Taco Mac South Park.  A few of us, including Greg Koch (one of the brewery’s founders) walked across the street to the upscale, fancy pants steakhouse.  We are beer people of course, and from out of town, so we are looking for something new & local to drink.  They barely had 2 beers to rub together to make a beer list.  Koch of course isn’t shy and voiced his opinion on that situation-

Bowtied waiters & too much marble is no excuse for an entirely mediocre & unenlightened beer list.

The absolute LAST thing I want to be called is a beer snob.  However, I’m lucky enough to be able to make beer my life, so I get to drink some of the world’s best on a daily basis.  I’m always looking for a new beer to try, or something good to pair with my meal.  Berrong brings up a great point in his article, highlighted in the quote below:

I’m baffled when I go into a nice restaurant and the beer list mirrors the offerings of the convenience store down the street. The lack of consistency bothers me the most. A restaurant is too good to serve Sutter Home yet Budweiser and Heineken have their place on the menu?

Pretty true statement.  If I’m dropping $100 plus on a steak, why can I have a world glass beer list to compliment? Maybe that’s just the snot in me.  Check out Nathan’s thoughts on it.  Makes sense to me.  [Eatocracy]

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