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Website “The Chive” To Start Brewery

I got to meet website founders of The Chive last week in Atlanta. John told me about his plans to open his own brewery in Texas soon. KCCO is seeking a brewery to start contract brewing with.  They have been homebrewing for a while now.

The brews? No boobie laden labels have surfaced yet, but there are two styles they are working on –

Schwarzbier – It’s a toasty fucker with notes of chocolate but, unlike a heavy porter or stout, it’s amazingly crisp, clean, and light. It’s really a remarkable beer.

Gold LagerVery light and clean with a nice hop backbone (we switched to a Czech hop a while back which did the trick). Both beers are amazingly balanced and sessionable. 

The goal is to make some of the best craft brews in America. As TheChive puts it – We want to make the highest quality beer possible here in America. It’s time to get away from bloated Macro brewers who don’t give a feathered fuck about their customers.

Seriously. We can’t wait to see whats on the label.